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MB Blissett

The ache

Restless, like a wild animal

Caged too long.

When the bear on the chain no longer wants to dance

There’s not a force on earth that can stop it,

Short of terminal discourse.

I look at you and my hands shake

That a painting demands a choice frame

The right lighting to better show it’s worth.

Let me fall across you, so that I see you

Open with pleasure, drown me with the force of

Your want.

I am man enough to let you be the woman.

You’ve imagined being.

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A little slice of M.A Leibfritz, Author of The Isra Series…

A little bit about yourself… who you are, where you come from… Give us a little slice of you!

* Nah, you don’t want to hear about me, I’m boring. Just another overworked, underpaid Art Major with a crap day-job and delusions of grandeur, who’s a little closer to thirty than they’re quite comfortable with. The stories, that’s what you want to hear about.

Oh but we do…any Pets? We love to hear what writers name their pets…

* My Cat is Odin, due to his having a damaged eye, and my dog is Thor, he’s some kind of Corgi/Jack Russel mix with more energy than any single creature has a right too. They play with each other, and by that I mean Odin enthusiastically beats the snot out of Thor, but the dog keeps coming back for more. I’ve got a fish tank too, chuck full of minnows and catfish. I love catfish.

Fantastic name!!! See Authors always name their cats appropriately!

Favorite type & Style of coffee? Is coffee your writing drink or do you prefer something else to help you write..

* Bleh, I hate coffee. Now energy drinks are the preferred potion, but I’ll admit to drinking Diet Mtn. Dew like it’s water.

So were guessing you are a little bit of a science geek.. there was a lot of information in there! Was it all research, creations or do you have a background in sciences?

* No fancy background, though I took Astrology and Cosmology in college, and I’m a sucker for documentaries, particularly anything with space, dinosaurs, or animals. I try to do enough research that what I write is understandable, but there is a point where I stop and say, damn it, I have magic, that’s how it works.

Who was the first character you created? What was your inspiration?

* For B&O, it was Seti 639. I had been trawling through TV Tropes, and was looking at the robot-centered list. So many robots in fiction envy humans, or want to become human because we’ve got something they lack. Seems silly, what if a robot had all those things, emotions, touch, a sense of purpose? Then I spotted the killer robot trope and the conflict of the story was born. This means that I came up with my bot before I designed his creators, and had to work backwards to figure out what sort of people would make 639 and get him into this mess. Then all hell broke loose…

With the release date of ‘Blood & Oil’ only a day away (Dec 1st) Are you feeling those nerves? Any advice for writers nearing their release date.

* I’ve actually been having nightmares. B&O is coming back from it’s final error-check chapter by chapter, I’ve been comforting myself through this process with copious amounts of pizza. I’ve started setting up on Amazon. I highly suggest doing that ahead of time. Suddenly I’m being asked for categories and a particular number of keywords, and it’s not an easy thing, especially with a cross-genre book like mine.

Well keep your cool, because we know its epic!!

Are you working on any writing projects, other than ‘The Isra Series’?

* Yes, I’ve got my NaNo project, which is a pure sci-fi, and an urban fantasy I’ve been fighting with for ages. Though, it’s hard for these to get any serious work, with 6 planned Isra Saga books eating my life. I’m also involved in a horror collaboration with three other authors, which should be done with editing in the next month or two. It’s been a lot of fun, and a real learning experience.

Well we hope you are thinking of entering our short story competition!!

So the title and contents of the book have a strong political feel, and the title sings out those sort of political corruptions here on ‘earth’. Is this just a readers theory or are there some worldly politics jabs going on throughout?

* I don’t think it’s possible to write about how people and groups interact without it feeling at least a little political, and my own views leak into my work. Of course, with inter-galactic politics as the major crux of Act 2, B&O probably has a little more of that than I intended. For the title, there’s no way to talk about it’s meaning without spoilers, but it’s less political and more tied up in the characters, both in their history and their future.

Without giving too much away, who was your favourite character in book 1, can you give us hints why?

* Favorite? How can you ask a parent to choose among their children? Well, instead of favorite on a merit scale, I’ll say that the Gharim are the most fun to write, and it’s a battle to keep them from running off with the story. Especially Zekalner the Blue.

If you had to be any previously created Science-Fiction character who would you pick, and why?

* Commander Shepard from Mass Effect, because who doesn’t want to be that awesome, and get to run around saving the galaxy with such a great crew.

Good choice!

There is so much going on in the first book, can we expect the same from the following or will the pace slow down?

* It’s hard to say, because there is a lot going on, but the scale changes. B&O has a lot of setup for how the galaxy functions, who the powers are and how they interact. The next books go into greater detail, how these people get through their lives, how different factions became beholden to others. It’s histories and alliances, friendships and treachery. It’s what happens when you take people who’ve been through too much everything, and expect them to pick up and carry on with their lives.

When is the expected release of the second installment?

* House of Oran, book 1.5, should be out mid-March. It’s a collection of short stories and novellas focusing on Master Targ and the Gharim. Don’t be fooled by it’s episodic nature, it all ties in to where the series is going. The first story, Cataclysm, is a available now on my website. Bad Fate, a more traditional book 2 following the further adventures of the main characters from B&O, will hopefully be ready mid-summer.

Well we cannot wait, and we hope to be reading and reviewing before it hits the shelves….

How do you plan to promote your book independently, any tips for writers in similar positions?

* And here we have my weak point. I’ve tired to familiarize myself with various social media. I have a website and Facebook page and Twitter, and I try to put up interesting content, like art for the books (got to use that degree for something) but really my plan is to take all the people I badgered into beta reading for me, and badger them into putting reviews on Amazon. I plug my books relentlessly in conversation, and I think you can guess what most of my friends and family will be getting for holiday gifts.

Haha, well thats the way to do it! We will help you in every way we can..

What song best describes your work ethic relating to your writing?

* That’s a tough question, but since it’s about the work and not favorites, I’m going with the stalker song, “Every breath you take” by The Police. The obsession, the need to know every facet of the character’s lives, the compulsive need to keep writing. The way these books have completely consumed my existence, yeah it’s a little unhealthy.

Haha.. brilliant! Great Police fans here!!

A talking squirrel just jumped in through your window and is sitting on your desk wearing a cowboy hat, What is he doing there and what is he saying to you?

* He’s come to invite me to see the demonstration of the rocket-pack he just finished building. Let’s see how squirrel-proof that bird-feeder is now.

I just love the weird and wacky answers I get out of these random answers…

We just like to play about abit with writers creativity and see what answers they give… you can probably tell right!

Anyway, watch this space!

    M.A. Leibfritz

– you will hear this name again!

The book is incredible… take it from us, we have read it! Keep an eye on this one… December 1st – Blood & Oil!!

Twitter – @maleibfritz … you will want to follow this one!!

Love & Skate by Lila Felix .. Best Slice Reviews

Love & Skate is a story full of self awareness, finding yourself & the scars caused by events in our lives. Nellie was robbed of her whole life & identity, in order to carry on she has to choose another path. Is this a chance for her real identity to come out or is just a mask to hide how vulnerable she really is.
Owen is in a similar situation, eyes biased by rejection and betrayal but when he sees Nellie, his soul cries out. Can they come together to make each other stronger?

The book focuses around the highs and lows, and of course awkwardness of first encounters and the beginnings of relationships. The book is not shy of passion and there is plenty to keep to keep you reading on especially if you a roller derby fanatic. The excitement on and off rink is perfect for those looking to escape into a world of romance and roller derby. My younger sister loves the Derby and I think the way that Nellie’s identity changes is perfect for younger teenagers trying to find their identity themselves.

The way the characters develop throughout keep the reader engaged and the dynamics between friends and family are very lifelike. It was like stepping into another persons world for a few hours and really feeling every second of it, the excitement, the nervous beginnings, the passion, the rejections, and the heartbreaks.
There really is no excuse not to read this first instalment as Lila Felix has Book 1 on Amazon for free. So If you like a good romance with life scars as barriers.. this is for you!!

There are repeats in areas due to character change but this allows you to get every detail of the others viewpoint… I think this book is definitely for a younger audience, but I do believe they will love it!

Blue hair, Pink hair.. it won’t matter when your soul mate comes along. That is of course if you are prepared to go all in and face every obstacle with perfect trust & dedication….

Read here

Thee Best Slice of ‘Blood & Oil’ by M. A. Leibfritz (Book 1 in the Isra Series)

Blood & Oil

The Isra Series – Blood & Oil (book 1)
Author – M. A. Leibfritz
Release Date – December 1st 2014
I also advise you following on twitter.. I expect great things to come of this! @MALeibfritz

Warning – The book contains Mature Graphic Violence.

Where on earth do I start, perhaps being set in a far bigger galactic system earth is the wrong place.. Nerdy joke sorry! Honestly though, this book, there is just so much going on… Holy Guacamoly.. Just Wow! This will be a big hit!

Leibfritz throws us straight into a dramatic predator vs creature race, instantly grabbing the readers attention. The breath holding chase is alongside detailed history & visuals to explain the foreign landscapes. We dive straight into the action and then jump off again into another situation. It is as thought the information is entering your mind subliminally whilst the action takes place.

The Isra Series is set in a space community bursting with different species, both organic and synthetic. We are introduced to many species and worlds though I anticipate many more. We follow the life of Seti 639 and those he encounters. Seti 639 is different, a little more ‘organic’ in his ways, he can process jokes, notice the little things and often analyses facial reactions, making it easier to communicate with the organics.

Seti 639 is a synthetic robot who has lost, perhaps even surrendered his memories living under the rule of Director Andromeda. Seti is promised his memories will be restored after one final mission.. But don’t be fooled by thinking this book is a long winded mission like many fantasy series, there is so much more! In three parts with the initial mission only taking up part 1.

Once Seti 639 retrieves his memories, he takes us on another path completely, we are taken to a sort of summit meeting between worlds and species, The Conclave. Seti 639 has been waiting a hundred years for this meeting, but with some Conclave members serving longer than entire species have existed and travel often taking years, this is quite ordinary. Imagine our own world leaders, well the politics of inter-spacial creatures are just as dark and treacherous as our own. May votes relying on previous alliances and owed favours.

Imagine House of Cards, Game of Thrones, yet in an intensely detailed space setting.

Once again we jump straight into another mission. There is just so much going on, you have to savour every sentence. Definitely a book that could be read three or four times over, finding new secrets each time. There is mention of a galactic black market, inter-stellar travel, rumours of deadly bio-weapons, Eldritch magic and rich ancestral histories of the species, creators and their legacies. Not forgetting the dragon and its current host, the deadly dragon capable of many things including the ability to alter certain elements within a species. The dragon is feared , yet respected. All previous hosts have been driven mad or killed, nothing more than collateral damage to the dragon.

Relationships grow and fall between species in unexpected ways further strengthening the humanity in Seti 639. Expectations are challenged throughout the whole book whilst Leibfritz gives away more and more building the worlds and all their histories around you. There are little quirks scattered through the pages, an angry bird with a dislike for robots especially Seti, (All my favourite new reads seem to have angry persistent birds in them…)and robots taking down notes on paper to have a hard copy. I suppose even those made and sustained fully from technology know its weaknesses and susceptibility to corruption.

There is something for everyone, Science fiction, Dystopia, Politics, Fantasy, Magic, Robots.. I mean I could go on and on… The way Leibfritz dances with the words pulls you deeper and deeper into their world and you WILL NOT be disappointed. Imagine a whole book full of sentences like, “… Mar’den Vash, a twisted spire whose dark stone ate all light that touched it.” The whole story is complex and brilliantly visual, I hope to see this as a film one day!

We were honoured to read this before its release.

It is a masterpiece and I say that whole heartedly…

Read the first chapter here

Best Slice of Phantasmagoria – Tales of Magic, Mischeif & Myth by T C Beckett.

Back to the wonderful world of T. C. Beckett & The short stories in Phantasmagoria.

Again I stress how easy it is for someone to pick up a book of many tales and read one, there is little time dedication and often if the writer is good just as much enjoyment. T.C. Beckett does write well and it is alot harder to write a good short than to read one.

We have reviewed tales from this collection before and will continue to do so but for now the focus is on…

    Muses Dreams of Kaleidoscopes

A quirky little tale of an Artist & his muse. Neil is desperate for a break through, the writers block of his canvas to be broken. Giving up for the night he heads out with friends, its then he finds his in experienced muse. Yep A real life Muse. This underqualified scatterbrain of a muse delights the readers and leaves a trace of humour once the story is finished. Despite her lack of experience or minimal tact she is just what Neil needs, although she gained much more from him. A good motivation booster, and a happy little distraction.. Come on you NaNo writers take five mins and take a peek… I bet you end up reading more than one of the shorts!

Next time watch out for our Review on T.C. Becketts – ‘The Reapers Report’

Buy this collection here…

The Best Slice of Tracey Lane’s – ‘Call of the Deep’

A modern day Fairytale for grown-ups, (at least those with big imaginations).

When I received this book in my inbox, I was immediately overwhelmed with thoughts of the ocean, beautiful Imagery and mystical creatures racing through my minds eye. Lanes Title is a sirens song in itself. Despite the contrasting settings I was not disappointed!

Imagine a world where magical creatures live under our very own noses. Incredible right!! Lane amazingly gets the balance just right between fantasy and our own version of normality. The book reads at a fast pace, I was glued to the thing for just over a days reading session and for her début novel I was Impressed. Lane dives straight into the action, my romantic whims quickly drown as the history unfolds and the scene plays out. A Fairy tale for teenagers & young adults (and of course those adults with big imaginations) we start our journey in tragedy. The Sea Queen is under attack and she focuses on saving her only daughter. We are thrown into the middle of a war and within a few short pages we are already gripped and rooting for this little princess who one day may return.

The main focus of the book is set in our own ‘human’ world and above ‘The Deep’ with two girls living the busy hectic chaos of college life. As the story unfolds and secrets become unhidden more and more mystery steeps into their normal lives. Of course there is romance and whilst it seems to have the traditional formula we see in most YA books, you will be surprised. It is not a simple confusion of attraction & much more is at stake. Forget worrying about what to wear to graduation, Mericle has a whole host of other things to worry about. How to grow a tail for one! Who can she trust in a world she doesn’t belong in? Which world does she belong in? Is there really any choice or is ‘the call’ too strong?

I really look forward to reading the sequel! We hope Lane doesn’t keep us waiting for too long! I definitely recommend this book to anyone under the age of 25 and all those who love fantasy especially mermaids. I can only imagine the treat Lane has in store for us with the next part of ‘The Call of the Deep’.

    Buy the book here

All Hallows Eve By Roxy Ribbons

All Hallows Eve, the clocks are a’creakin,
out from your cupboards the Monsters are sneakin,
Santa can’t save you, he’s on his vacation,
Midnight strikes while the candles are racing,
through the carved out eyes of many a beast,
through the windows of many too frightened to peep,
Now roam the Vampires to drain all your blood,
who knows which are costumed, and which are no good,
Werewolfs are howling, and ghosts they are screechin,
under your bed clothes, nightmares are creepin,
in through your windows the screams of the children,
this is the night for tricking and treating,
a giggle, a gasp, three o clock’s – strung,
the Witching hour has now begun,
Run home little children, and keep the lights on,
trick and treating is over, the Monsters have come….

Exciting times at The Best Slice of Pie

Firstly an apology for our lack of presence, unfortunately our kitten passed away and things have been up the air since. There has also been a change in the team and for now it will be just myself and our administrator. We hope you understand and we are ready to get back to promoting you, your writing and the fantastic new writers waiting to be found!

We are currently having a logo designed and rearranging things into order… Due to the high demand of new writers wanting us to review their work and the change in team members we will provide some order. We hope this will give our new writers a better understanding and keep things moving swiftly.

We will be starting an e-book publication shortly after Christmas, and then most likely twice a year which all writers are welcome to participate. Those chosen for publication will receive a free download of the E-book, and if we gain enough interest there will also be prizes. There will be a small entry fee of around 1 pound per entrant, to cover costs. There will also be free weekly competitions for the best short story & Best Poem sent for review. The winners will have the option to have their full piece published on the Website & once we have gained enough followers prizes will be sent out.

Those who have already been reviewed on The Best Slice of Pie will have free entry vouchers for two competitions, just send an email with the Subject – E-Book Voucher…

We are also in exciting talks about some merchandise options for when the team is full force again… these will make exciting prizes!

The Best Slice of Pie..

Best Slice of Pie Reviews – A Plague of Mybyncia – Part two in The Arizal Wars by C.G. Coppola

Two Planets, a Moon & plenty more – What a Journey. C.G Coppola definitely does not disappoint in this second instalment of The Arizal Wars. Excitement, Adventure & Passion run alongside constant danger and task after task. It seems they face an infinite number of challenges which of course Fallon shows her bravery & honesty throughout. I love this series! Get me a Millix & a Reid right away!!

This journey is set mainly on the planet Mybyncia, which is submerged below water. Fallon & the Rogues (including the gorgeous Reid) travel to the heart of Mybyncia to the Royal City of Pryncbia, in search of Blovid. Blovid is the Arizal LEader who called for a ceasefire in the previous Massacre, Blovid alive is at least the spirit of hope alive and hopefully some sort of strategy. We are also introduced to the Royal Family & Leaders, a new clan The Muskos and their dangerous leader & then we travel to the savage planet of Nerwolix. There are many dangerous enemies wishing to gain control and power in order to eradicate those they see as different. What they seek to do this puts all planets at risk despite any denial from their leaders. Three planets each with their gifts to protect will soon be at war…. Planets are at war within themselves, Species fight among species and for peace to prevail peace must be achieved between friends, groups & the planets despite any personal differences or grudges they hold. The Plague on Mybyncia distracts a lot of attention of efforts away from the main war, probably the perpetrators intention, however this evil and selfish act provides great opportunity for bonding and forming allies! Trying to maintain order and provide a cure is a massive effort alone, the Rogues are tested in many ways as are the Mybyncians..

C.G.Coppola writes in a quirky fast paced way exciting the reader and changing direction so often there is no time for boredom. There is just so much going on below the bigger picture. Well described & well written, The Arizal Wars are a must for any fantasy dystopian lover. The way certain ‘species’ react to outsiders (even those with loyal intentions) is a big eye opener for understanding our own prejudices with regards to races and religions on earth. Despite our own appearances and ideal of appropriateness and domestic behaviour, we are not the only opinion in life. In the words of Fallon “We are all Arizals!” or Humans in our case. Standing together as one we are strongest against those who wish to cause harm. We could do with a set of Rogues & a Fallon to set some of our own leaders straight!!

The story is accessible to both male and female readers despite its viewpoint, there is something for everyone and I love that we are two books into the series and it hasn’t been only about the romance building between Reid & Fallon… the romance is there and its integral but there is a much bigger picture which often gets hidden under the main characters relationship! And the wait… well the wait is definitely worth it.. my oh my… Like I said.. Get me a Reid (Callix in hand)!!

My favourite character introduced in this book would have to be Princess Ariana. A strong female who is not afraid of standing up against the many for her own beliefs even in the simple matters, she stands her ground.

Fallon is a ‘beacon of hope’ and I believe the next instalment will see her rise, hopefully taking the worlds with her into peace and safety… I’m excited to read the challenges the face next.. and a little scared to see if they make it, and who will make it if they do!

I can’t wait to read the next chapter in the series…. The only thing that would have heightened my enjoyment reading this… is a second read with a large bowl of Hunnis… maybe two or three 😉

Buy this book and if you haven’t read the first instalment – Escape From Harrizel.. Do it now..