Thee Best Slice of ‘Blood & Oil’ by M. A. Leibfritz (Book 1 in the Isra Series)

Blood & Oil

The Isra Series – Blood & Oil (book 1)
Author – M. A. Leibfritz
Release Date – December 1st 2014
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Warning – The book contains Mature Graphic Violence.

Where on earth do I start, perhaps being set in a far bigger galactic system earth is the wrong place.. Nerdy joke sorry! Honestly though, this book, there is just so much going on… Holy Guacamoly.. Just Wow! This will be a big hit!

Leibfritz throws us straight into a dramatic predator vs creature race, instantly grabbing the readers attention. The breath holding chase is alongside detailed history & visuals to explain the foreign landscapes. We dive straight into the action and then jump off again into another situation. It is as thought the information is entering your mind subliminally whilst the action takes place.

The Isra Series is set in a space community bursting with different species, both organic and synthetic. We are introduced to many species and worlds though I anticipate many more. We follow the life of Seti 639 and those he encounters. Seti 639 is different, a little more ‘organic’ in his ways, he can process jokes, notice the little things and often analyses facial reactions, making it easier to communicate with the organics.

Seti 639 is a synthetic robot who has lost, perhaps even surrendered his memories living under the rule of Director Andromeda. Seti is promised his memories will be restored after one final mission.. But don’t be fooled by thinking this book is a long winded mission like many fantasy series, there is so much more! In three parts with the initial mission only taking up part 1.

Once Seti 639 retrieves his memories, he takes us on another path completely, we are taken to a sort of summit meeting between worlds and species, The Conclave. Seti 639 has been waiting a hundred years for this meeting, but with some Conclave members serving longer than entire species have existed and travel often taking years, this is quite ordinary. Imagine our own world leaders, well the politics of inter-spacial creatures are just as dark and treacherous as our own. May votes relying on previous alliances and owed favours.

Imagine House of Cards, Game of Thrones, yet in an intensely detailed space setting.

Once again we jump straight into another mission. There is just so much going on, you have to savour every sentence. Definitely a book that could be read three or four times over, finding new secrets each time. There is mention of a galactic black market, inter-stellar travel, rumours of deadly bio-weapons, Eldritch magic and rich ancestral histories of the species, creators and their legacies. Not forgetting the dragon and its current host, the deadly dragon capable of many things including the ability to alter certain elements within a species. The dragon is feared , yet respected. All previous hosts have been driven mad or killed, nothing more than collateral damage to the dragon.

Relationships grow and fall between species in unexpected ways further strengthening the humanity in Seti 639. Expectations are challenged throughout the whole book whilst Leibfritz gives away more and more building the worlds and all their histories around you. There are little quirks scattered through the pages, an angry bird with a dislike for robots especially Seti, (All my favourite new reads seem to have angry persistent birds in them…)and robots taking down notes on paper to have a hard copy. I suppose even those made and sustained fully from technology know its weaknesses and susceptibility to corruption.

There is something for everyone, Science fiction, Dystopia, Politics, Fantasy, Magic, Robots.. I mean I could go on and on… The way Leibfritz dances with the words pulls you deeper and deeper into their world and you WILL NOT be disappointed. Imagine a whole book full of sentences like, “… Mar’den Vash, a twisted spire whose dark stone ate all light that touched it.” The whole story is complex and brilliantly visual, I hope to see this as a film one day!

We were honoured to read this before its release.

It is a masterpiece and I say that whole heartedly…

Read the first chapter here


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