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Best Slice of Pie Reviews – A Plague of Mybyncia – Part two in The Arizal Wars by C.G. Coppola

Two Planets, a Moon & plenty more – What a Journey. C.G Coppola definitely does not disappoint in this second instalment of The Arizal Wars. Excitement, Adventure & Passion run alongside constant danger and task after task. It seems they face an infinite number of challenges which of course Fallon shows her bravery & honesty throughout. I love this series! Get me a Millix & a Reid right away!!

This journey is set mainly on the planet Mybyncia, which is submerged below water. Fallon & the Rogues (including the gorgeous Reid) travel to the heart of Mybyncia to the Royal City of Pryncbia, in search of Blovid. Blovid is the Arizal LEader who called for a ceasefire in the previous Massacre, Blovid alive is at least the spirit of hope alive and hopefully some sort of strategy. We are also introduced to the Royal Family & Leaders, a new clan The Muskos and their dangerous leader & then we travel to the savage planet of Nerwolix. There are many dangerous enemies wishing to gain control and power in order to eradicate those they see as different. What they seek to do this puts all planets at risk despite any denial from their leaders. Three planets each with their gifts to protect will soon be at war…. Planets are at war within themselves, Species fight among species and for peace to prevail peace must be achieved between friends, groups & the planets despite any personal differences or grudges they hold. The Plague on Mybyncia distracts a lot of attention of efforts away from the main war, probably the perpetrators intention, however this evil and selfish act provides great opportunity for bonding and forming allies! Trying to maintain order and provide a cure is a massive effort alone, the Rogues are tested in many ways as are the Mybyncians..

C.G.Coppola writes in a quirky fast paced way exciting the reader and changing direction so often there is no time for boredom. There is just so much going on below the bigger picture. Well described & well written, The Arizal Wars are a must for any fantasy dystopian lover. The way certain ‘species’ react to outsiders (even those with loyal intentions) is a big eye opener for understanding our own prejudices with regards to races and religions on earth. Despite our own appearances and ideal of appropriateness and domestic behaviour, we are not the only opinion in life. In the words of Fallon “We are all Arizals!” or Humans in our case. Standing together as one we are strongest against those who wish to cause harm. We could do with a set of Rogues & a Fallon to set some of our own leaders straight!!

The story is accessible to both male and female readers despite its viewpoint, there is something for everyone and I love that we are two books into the series and it hasn’t been only about the romance building between Reid & Fallon… the romance is there and its integral but there is a much bigger picture which often gets hidden under the main characters relationship! And the wait… well the wait is definitely worth it.. my oh my… Like I said.. Get me a Reid (Callix in hand)!!

My favourite character introduced in this book would have to be Princess Ariana. A strong female who is not afraid of standing up against the many for her own beliefs even in the simple matters, she stands her ground.

Fallon is a ‘beacon of hope’ and I believe the next instalment will see her rise, hopefully taking the worlds with her into peace and safety… I’m excited to read the challenges the face next.. and a little scared to see if they make it, and who will make it if they do!

I can’t wait to read the next chapter in the series…. The only thing that would have heightened my enjoyment reading this… is a second read with a large bowl of Hunnis… maybe two or three 😉

Buy this book and if you haven’t read the first instalment – Escape From Harrizel.. Do it now..