Roxy Ribbons – Part 2 – A Lavender Field in Ireland (2) … (Everything I ever dreamt of and a porch)

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The next few weeks we spent researching what seemed like thousands of small ranches/small holdings mostly in Northern Ireland and a few in the Northern parts of Canada. Thank god for the puppy distraction or I may have just given up on the dream. Nothing is ever easy is it. Well Thankfully Poppy decided puppy pads were for her, hardly any accidents… what a god send during this time of madness. Poppy decided the tabby, Ophelia would be her best friend and chased her around constantly, I’m not sure Ophelia felt the same way but it was cute to watch Poppy try. Our little bundle of fluff soon turned into a sleek teenage Lab, with all the naughty traits of a teenager. She ate the door frames, dug up the garden and seemed to find her way into every cupboard to find her treats. We had to buy a lock.. We loved her more and more though and it seemed Ophelia even liked a cuddle every now and then.

It had been 6 months and it seemed we were no closer to finding our dream home, they were either too expensive or too run down, and John wasn’t up for a full do-er-upper. I like to think I was, but realistically I wouldn’t have a clue. Thank god I have John to keep me grounded or I would end up in a right mess. My car also chose to pack it in, and would have been more expensive to fix than buy the damn thing again. This dipped into my savings to replace my little Hetty car. My pea green car arrived, a curvy two door and I loved it, perhaps even more than Hetty. So here we were constantly camped out around the computer, Poppy and the cats too. We were all just searching……

Then it came, one morning at around 6.45am the phone rang. I immediately woke and saw the agents number. Shaking John to wake up and answer it. There it was, he said he had a property we would be interested in and would we like a viewing. The owners wanted it to go to someone who would love and take care of it, and therefore it wasn’t even on the market. It was by invite only. It seemed like it was meant to be. Twelve o’clock that day, could we make it. It was a 4-5 hour drive away. We jumped up, de tangling our manes and pulling clothes on. Blurry eyed and totally excited we bundled flasks of coffee and sandwiches into the car along with a very tired puppy. Kissing our Kitty’s goodbye for the day we set off, South.

As we took the last turn from the main road my excitement was at an all time high. The mountains ahead were the backdrop I had always dreamed of and the countless fields were exactly as I had always dreamed. John was in desperate need of some more coffee and a cigarette so we pulled over and let Poppy have a bit of a run to use up some of her energy. John was much calmer after the nicotine intake and off we set again. It was then I saw the sign.. A battered old wooden sign with the name of the house painted on, Willowbrook. Ahh my heart did a cartwheel inside. We drove up a dusty old drive way under the canopy of Willow trees and up towards the property. There was an old lady and a younger man standing on the porch. Yep that’s right a porch, a real wooden porch just like I dreamt of. The house was half stone and half covered in log. Could it have been any more perfect. We stepped out of the car and a very friendly Retriever ran up to meet us, with lots of slobbery kisses. The old lady apologised, of course we didn’t mind. We let Poppy race around the front garden with their dog and stepped inside. They had baked us a plate of cookies, probably just using the old tricks to sell a house but it worked. It felt incredibly welcoming. The kitchen was old and worn down, but the cooker was fantastic. I couldn’t get over the window in the kitchen which opened right out onto rolling fields and the mountains. I was already sold. I didn’t need to see the rest of the house. Of course John grounded me, just giving me ‘the look’.

As we ate cookies and drank from a flowery teapot, we asked why they were leaving, her son explained that he was going to marry a girl in the city and they were taking his mother in to care for her. Their work commitments meant they needed to be closer to the city and unfortunately his mother could not properly care for herself out here on her own. We congratulated him but I felt incredibly sad for her. I wondered if I too would find myself in her position one day in my future. I secretly hoped my children would leave me out here despite how well I could care for myself. But then I supposed it would get lonely on your own in a shrine of memories. We were led through 3 bedrooms, a very cute lounge with an open fireplace, hallways, dining room and bathroom. It needed a bit of TLC but to be honest it was all a blur of excitement. The woman could tell how excited I was and kept trying to persuade John. We then went upstairs to a bedroom which overlooked the lounge thought a small wooden balcony and had its own bathroom – bath included. There was a small outbuilding which had potential to be done up for stables or a small guest room. The space outside was fantastic and the soil pretty perfect ph balance for growing, totally enough room for my dreams of fostering donkeys too. She asked if we planned on having children, and we explained that was definitely the next step. My clock was ticking and I knew I wanted children. There was never a right time, but it was now or never. This place was incredible and as we spoke about our budget and their expectations, it was all in line. We could do absolutely everything I wanted here. But was John sold?

By Roxy Ribbons


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