‘A Moments Worth’ by Lauren Lola – Review

Firstly I loved how the book opened with a quote. I love when a little thought nugget is given to set the mood. It prepares you with the right expectations to begin, and this quote holds more than just a random similarities, it is quite literally tied in in every way.

This book is a whirlwind of lessons, philosophies and emotional understandings. I usually get bored with books that jump characters but the clever way in which this was done kept my eyes firmly on the pages (kindle screen). Young life and all it throws at you can be tough and for many characters in this book they are just starting to find themselves, their place in life. These little moments of fate or destiny and random conversations helping them on their path. Lola shows how beautiful short encounters can be, how they can massively impact our lives and just how important the lessons we take from them are.

We come into each others lives sometimes just for a moment, perhaps we are only meant to be there for as long as it takes to pass on a message. Lola shows how lessons come in the strangest forms as long as you are open to them. Teachers learn from their students, seeming dreams are so life like its hard to know where reality ended and dreams started, yet none of that matters its all about what it all meant – what it taught you. These lessons and philosophies on life are found in sarcasm, bravery, honesty. The motivation to spur you on often coming from a complete stranger. It is important to be open to other peoples outlooks and this books shows you exactly why.

‘Real or Fiction’ – Occurrences slightly too magical to be real, genuine enough to be perceived as real. The book is written for all kinds of abilities and tastes, it’s about life and all its aspects, there is something for everyone. It has all the meaning of a spiritual guide yet shown through simple daily lives.

“Sometimes when you are lost for direction, you are open to a new way of seeing”
She pretty much sums it up here!!

The way the characters endings were tied up and entwined through the messages was fantastic, clever and extremely well thought out. Its the type of book I will read again and perhaps enjoy it even more the second, third time around.

We especially loved Elliot’s I-pod simile, showing how very individual each of our lives our. Despite experiencing similar things, the mix is totally different.

We loved Naomi acknowledging the moment was about more than her, “I only stopped him doing something really stupid” … “It’s him who’s going to wind up saving himself”. She took no glory from her act of kindness. I think too often our good deeds become more about us than the person/animal we tried to help.

We loved the idea of full circles and completion, and Jenna’s non-forcing approach. It is not for someone to force feed ideas and expect you to agree, but to show you a new way and let you form your own idea after.

Lola challenges ideas and peoples prejudices without forcing them to ‘convert’, She shows how a series of seemingly non important events can lead to a momentous meeting between two people. The highs and lows of life are all just as important. She challenges the mind, body and soul. Her characters teach us to Believe in ourselves, to risk big, and to be open to everything. The possibilities are truly endless – does it matter what is ‘real’?

Two of my favourite quotes from the book…

“We as Authors are messengers.. Celestial messengers”

“Stories are without boundaries in genre and possibility”


I could write all day about things we loved and ponder on the meanings we took from each story, but that is for you to find on your own. The book is more than just a story. It is a journey.

Interview with Lauren Lola to come shortly! Watch this space…

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    Many thanks to The Best Slice of Pie for writing the first full-fledged review on “A Moment’s Worth.” Never in a million year would I have thought of calling my book a “spiritual guide” or a “journey,” so I find your words quite flattering.

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