‘The Orc of Many Questions’, by Shane Michael Murray – Review

Well this guy writes about Orc’s as though he’s lived with them all his life. A really fun read. Perfect for younger adults looking for something different!

In a world of tradition and founding values, one little Orc feels differently. You’ve all heard the expression ‘Curiosity killed the cat’ – well for this little curious orc full of questions, life is one death sentence after another. That phase children go through, asking why the sky is there and every other annoying exploration… well this little blunc wants to know too!

The creation of magical beings and life itself told wonderfully in creative genius. The author explores growth, expectations, loss and individualism in a witty humourous way. Murray provides no rose glasses and is very descriptive in parts concerning bodily fluids – not for the faint hearted.. but if you’re reading about Orc’s you need to expect a lot of dirt!!

There is no apparent formula and instead relies on events, one after the other, a true inside look to their lives. You have no clue what is about to happen next and its this exciting style that leaves you wanting to read more. The connection felt to their lives, especially Talking-wind, Flapping-gums (or any of his other names) is felt almost immediately with a great empathy felt. Despite the clear creature difference the hurdles he has to face are similar to that of our own, finding a way in the world, the place you fit and trying to understand life.

Very unique, although I’ve not read anything else on Orc’s, I definitely look forwards to seeing how he and Wind-step get on in the big bad world. His fate hangs in the balance…

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