Deep Sounding – Brandon Carbaugh. Part 2


Firstly we must apologise for the lack of presence lately. We have been swamped by review requests and have a long list of full length books written by new authors.

“Deeps!!!” This book is without a doubt – Amazing.

Part two continues from a different perspective, from those living the normal dwarf life compared to part 1, the banished outlaw life. Both views of the world both ‘deep’ and ‘above’ are equally as thrilling. The pace is all over the place, in a good way, its fast and filled with wonderful quirky dialogue/thoughts. The dwarf banter between Silva and her fellow dwarves is one of my favourite parts. I loved the blurred lines between gender roles and appearances that contrast greatly with the world that we live in.

*Mini Spoiler* I especially like the way Silva is perceived as attractive whilst eating..

This well thought out and detailed world is painted around you seemingly effortlessly. Fantasy worlds are hard to create and many new writers often over think or lack consistency. Brandon Carbaugh does not have this problem. *He must have travelled to Whitemount Β to explain it all with such ease. =-)*

We can all relate to Silva’s outlook on life. She is owned and she knows it, although her journey through the realisation of life is delightful and entertaining. The simplicity of her major life events and misunderstandings whilst she is on this journey are just brilliant. The references to our world are comical and work well without being cheesy. The pay-day scene is brilliant, if only “one good flick” sorted out the chaos in our own post offices and banks. πŸ˜‰

In contrast Silva’s boss also shows the struggles of those who have to lead and organise others. I especially loved her comment, “It was amazing how hard the girl could work, to avoid working hard” . This probably relates to all of us in one way or another, we either do it, or watch others do it. How many times have people ran around looking busy to avoid being busy, using up the same if not more energy than just doing some actual work. The dance around their conversation and opinions is brilliant, with Silva learning and accepting life. I felt I was in the same boat as Silva, and I’m 100% most young adults do.

The Mountain dwarves have a wonderful sense of community and Carbaugh speaks many truths about how communities should and would work well. The thirst and dedication for life is apparent the whole way through, even the bird is one of the most persevering little sods I’ve ever been introduced too.

The dreams and passions of a young girl slowly accepting the mundane society with the hope of a better day. This second part really shows the view of our own bosses trying to break us in, with their passed down rules and social lessons. “Carrot-on-a-stick which could never be caught” I don’t want to say much about the ending to avoid spoilers but lets just say – that missed glance.. Very powerful!

Its a story which I would love to see continued. How Bardon adapts to his new situation and how Silva’s spirit is affected by her choice. Will she find strength & happiness or pressure and pessimism.

I said it before and I’ll say it again – Terry Pratchett eat your heat out. It is unique, intelligent and very well done!

A definite recommendation from ‘The Best Slice of Pie’

Buy it here…

Happy Deepsound!


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