Review – Deep Sounding (Part 1) by Brandon Carbaugh

I just loved this… I am loving this…. Life has been so busy that I have decided to review this in two  parts, despite how hard it is to put the book down and get on with everything…I am waiting with everyone else, listening to those bells!!

The characters are vibrant and well developed. Albert & Bardons love hate relationship is comical and provides a good laugh whilst watching the journey of this little dwarf. Then we meet Cedric the slightly neurotic friend with some funny ideas. The tales they tell whilst bonding gives a great picture of dwarf life and traditions. The themes are strong, and engaging Alienation, Redemption, Friendship, Loss, Promise & Punishment all shown through the eyes of dwarves, (and the land).. 

His writing is artistic and poetic, it flows from sentence to sentence building the story around you with comedy and skill… Whilst some sentences seemed to repeat earlier things a little something different was added each time and it seemed more realistic than a story rushing to its end. 

The landscape is bursting with energy and life. The emotional connections between the ‘thing’s and the living are as real as any connection is, those dwarves project alright. The Anthropomorphising of the land and objects is fantastically done.  

“It yells at the rocks, hop-stepping away, but the rocks don’t care: they’re twitching, skipping, bouncing, jumping. There’s a party going on, and everyone’s invited. The rocks are clattering, clacking, clapping together. The rocks are ringing.” 

This stuff is delicious – Terry Pratchett eat your heart out.

The pace quickens and the race is on… until it all stops… everyone stops…


Cannot wait to read the second part…


Brandon Carbaugh, 

The book is free to download, but if you enjoy it please donate… Plus 50 cents of the cost goes towards The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation… (see third link below for more information on this charity).



2 thoughts on “Review – Deep Sounding (Part 1) by Brandon Carbaugh

  1. “Terry Pratchett, eat your heart out.”

    Oh man. I cannot begin to describe how happy that sentence made me. Pratchett is a HUGE inspiration.

    Thanks for the kind review! I’m STOKED to read the second part!

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