Poet of the day – Leonard Cohen

Not just a singer-songwriter. This Canadian born genius wrote some really lovely poems which were overshadowed by his musical success ….

Story Of Isaac by Leonard Cohen
The door it opened slowly, 
my father he came in, 
I was nine years old. 
And he stood so tall above me, 
his blue eyes they were shining 
and his voice was very cold. 
He said, “I’ve had a vision 
and you know I’m strong and holy, 
I must do what I’ve been told.” 
So he started up the mountain, 
I was running, he was walking, 
and his axe was made of gold. 
Well, the trees they got much smaller, 
the lake a lady’s mirror, 
we stopped to drink some wine. 
Then he threw the bottle over. 
Broke a minute later 
and he put his hand on mine. 
Thought I saw an eagle 
but it might have been a vulture, 
I never could decide. 
Then my father built an altar, 
he looked once behind his shoulder, 
he knew I would not hide. 
You who build these altars now 
to sacrifice these children, 
you must not do it anymore. 
A scheme is not a vision 
and you never have been tempted 
by a demon or a god. 
You who stand above them now, 
your hatchets blunt and bloody, 
you were not there before, 
when I lay upon a mountain 
and my father’s hand was trembling 
with the beauty of the word. 
And if you call me brother now, 
forgive me if I inquire, 
“Just according to whose plan?” 
When it all comes down to dust 
I will kill you if I must, 
I will help you if I can. 
When it all comes down to dust 
I will help you if I must, 
I will kill you if I can. 
And mercy on our uniform, 
man of peace or man of war, 
the peacock spreads his fan.

Review – The Chivaree by ‘let me tell you the story of…’

Wow… Gripping stuff!

The pace and descriptives suited the story perfectly. What a horrific occurrence.

Why can’t men just listen? Please note there are better ways of making a man listen to you! The crone in this story has clearly been very hurt by men and is inflicting her pain on others through this custom she enforces.

I love the hints of understanding and love between the pair despite everything that has just happened.

I would love to read more about this crone and her rituals!

Keep up the good work! We will be watching for new works!

Special Sunday Post: Novel Title and Release Date REVEALED!

Lola By The Bay

It’s a “side project” that I’ve been working on since late 2012.  It’s been incredibly under-wraps, so much as to where it’s only within the past three months that my peers at school are starting to find out about it.  It’s been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, but in no way would have expected getting it done this early in life.  But I feel ready to take on this dream that I’ve been working towards my entire life- and especially this past year.

It’s with that, that I want to go ahead and finally reveal the name of my mysterious novel and the day it’s going to be released.  It is called…

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What If Sleeping Giants Woke?

I just love this, the art and the writing!

MairImages.ca Blog

MMair_SleepingGiants2_OriginalArt Sleeping Giants, 2, Margaret Mair, original art

What if the mountains
Were the faces
Of long ago giants
Turned now, sleeping,
Toward the blue ceiling
Of the sky;
What if the earth
Were their blanket
And the sea waves
Long ago
Rocked them
Gently to sleep;
What if
They did not wake
To see their faces
Changed with the passing
Of time
When little men came
And carved into
And burrowed through
And terraced and furrowed
Their features,
And grew strange plants
Upon them
In strange ways.
What if they cried
In their sleep,
Rivers and waterfalls
That filled the sea
Beside them,
Sometimes moved abruptly
Tossing and turning
As if to shake
The little creatures off.
What if
They awakened?
Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair

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Desert Island Question – food items

You’re on a desert island, it has fruits, nuts, and a fresh water source… You can fish and hunt if any bird were to pass but you have to come up with, and make the weapon…

What 6 other food items would you take? You can create as many meals out of them as you can think of… And It is never ending.

But you can only choose 6 items…

Storage/cooling is not an issue….

I would have to take,

Dough mix
Peppers (red)

But it was a tough one between sugar and peppers…ermmm now I want to change as there is already fruit on the island??? Hmmmm

Sugar or red Peppers ???

Review – The Curse of the Intelligent Introvert

Roxy Ribbons! I think all of us feel this curse in some way or another, especially in regards to an interview. I loved his thought processes and how we we’re let in on them. I really felt as though we were on the journey together and **spoiler** when he spilt the coffee, well my hand was in my mouth. A true ‘cringe’.
I liked the pace, set over a few hours we really got all the details without it dragging in, you packed a lot in!
I can’t wait to read the next part of the series!
To all you James’s out there – chin up and soldier on.
Fantastic read!

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