Review – Innocent Chit-chat by Daniel O’Hare

Innocent Chit-Chat by Daniel O’Hare… A perfect title for a story balancing on a pin of  judgements & assumptions.

I think there is something so very enjoyable about taking a break from my own writing and enjoying a snippet of someone else’s world, completely created for you. I know I’ve said it before but honestly guys it really is therapeutic to take a break and read something else. Novels can be too time consuming for a quick break, but snippets of brilliance like this from new writers help them and help us tune our own styles. If only for inspiration, or if only to help other new aspiring writers… Take 5 minutes and have a read of ‘Innocent Chit-chat.’

I love being involved in the thought process of this character, seemingly bored and judging everyone and everything around him. The observations & assumptions make the story seem more life like. Your there in the moment watching the scene. This is the sort of story that shows you, how you never really know someone despite how they come across. Be wary of the quiet ones. 😉 … 

I really enjoyed this short story, especially the fantastic ending, which in a way is obvious but also shows the magnetic sway towards assumption based on conversation, appearance or opinion. The Dark humour is enjoyable and fast paced. I think there is something quite inviting to a persons ‘dark side’ to be the elusive shadow. This stood alone as a short story and I felt completely satisfied by the ending. A lot of short stories fall into the trap of being longer stories cut short, this definitely did not do that. Brilliant.
Short Stories which focus mainly on conversation can sometimes lack environment, but the way in which the ‘props’ are described allows the reader to fully envision the bar around them. Fantastic… I would love to read a full length book written in this style.
So Read the story and let me know what you thought?
The short story can be found at this link.
And his Word Press Page

~Please Note I did not write this short story and all rights remain with the author – Daniel O’Hare

2 thoughts on “Review – Innocent Chit-chat by Daniel O’Hare

  1. Wow. I am so glad to get a review. Thank you for enjoying my story, and thank you for reviewing it. It put a smile on my face after a long day at work.

    I enjoyed writing this one. It was an experiment for me, because I wasn’t sure how all those elements would mesh together, but it looks like it worked.

    I would love to try this writing style in a much longer story. I actually do have a book in the works right now but with a different style, but I will come back to this story and give it more thought.

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