The Wager

nicola tsoi 蔡寬怡

For him, the most addicting thing about gambling is the moment where he’s proved right. And he loves nothing more, because he’s been wrong about so many choices he’s made in the past that for once, he wants to show the world that too many wrongs can eventually make a right.

It’s difficult to not self-destruct along the way, because in his business, being wrong equals a situation worse than death. It’s the kind of art that’s painted in scars, and his canvas has been completely covered for quite some time. But as long as there’s that one chance; that sliver of a hope that will turn everything upside-down, then he thinks what he does is worth it, even if that means being alone for the rest of his life.

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Review – Reaching out for Dawn by Roxy Ribbons

Firstly – great name! 😉 I have a similar nickname from days past.

I loved the descriptives in this short story. At first there were some sentences perhaps in need of a stronger structure, but as the story went on and I started to understand the message it didn’t seem to matter.

It felt incredibly touching and full of awareness for others who may have found themselves in a dark or needed to help close ones out of a dark situation.

I think anyone who has ever experienced this will appreciate and relate to this story.

I really enjoy short-stories which have underlying messages and usually i prefer them to be a bit more hidden, to search through and find personal meaning for myself, but it was the right thing for the story to end on the inspirational/motivating quote. Too many people in our society are hidden from view and struggling along. Its about time we noticed them and helped them out.

This style is almost written for children as of its simplicity but in that way it is accessible to all and not depending on level of education.

Looking forwards to reviewing the next short story by this writer which is waiting in my inbox. She is also currently working on two full length novels. Very excited for the fantasy piece. I have read a short snippet, hopefully I can post up an extract soon.


So guys what do you think?

Read ‘Reaching out for Dawn’ here –

Review – Innocent Chit-chat by Daniel O’Hare

Innocent Chit-Chat by Daniel O’Hare… A perfect title for a story balancing on a pin of  judgements & assumptions.

I think there is something so very enjoyable about taking a break from my own writing and enjoying a snippet of someone else’s world, completely created for you. I know I’ve said it before but honestly guys it really is therapeutic to take a break and read something else. Novels can be too time consuming for a quick break, but snippets of brilliance like this from new writers help them and help us tune our own styles. If only for inspiration, or if only to help other new aspiring writers… Take 5 minutes and have a read of ‘Innocent Chit-chat.’

I love being involved in the thought process of this character, seemingly bored and judging everyone and everything around him. The observations & assumptions make the story seem more life like. Your there in the moment watching the scene. This is the sort of story that shows you, how you never really know someone despite how they come across. Be wary of the quiet ones. 😉 … 

I really enjoyed this short story, especially the fantastic ending, which in a way is obvious but also shows the magnetic sway towards assumption based on conversation, appearance or opinion. The Dark humour is enjoyable and fast paced. I think there is something quite inviting to a persons ‘dark side’ to be the elusive shadow. This stood alone as a short story and I felt completely satisfied by the ending. A lot of short stories fall into the trap of being longer stories cut short, this definitely did not do that. Brilliant.
Short Stories which focus mainly on conversation can sometimes lack environment, but the way in which the ‘props’ are described allows the reader to fully envision the bar around them. Fantastic… I would love to read a full length book written in this style.
So Read the story and let me know what you thought?
The short story can be found at this link.
And his Word Press Page

~Please Note I did not write this short story and all rights remain with the author – Daniel O’Hare

Review -Check it out…. Imran Lorgat – ‘The Lecturer’

Imran Lorgat’s short stories – Little bubbles of thought, short snippets of human experience.

This piece takes me back to my law a-level class. Our teacher seemed to know everything on the subject. She regurgitated her knowledge on to us 3 times a week. She never understood why we were unable to understood the workings out, when she had told us ‘last week’. Teaching is not just about sharing knowledge it should be teaching us how to come to the answer ourselves.  

I enjoyed this piece especially the hidden interactions/thoughts between the two lecturers. I especially like how Bill is personalised with a name, whereas the lecturer is just that ‘The Lecturer’, it makes him seem more unapproachable and more socially awkward. The perspective from which its told is great, most stories like this focus on the students, the victims and their opinions. Another great short story. The main character is socially unashamedly socially awkward and perhaps thinks he is superior for this. He seems to enjoy belittling people he deems ‘unworthy’ of his course. The teacher with an intelligence complex. I would have like to read more on this character but the point was definitely there.

I’ve got a real buzz for short stories at the moment, little pieces of literary greatness to break up the day. I also think for writers it is good to take a break and read a snippet in someone else’s style.

Also check out his other short stories, especially ‘The Homeless Man’ which really involves you in the moment with great imagery and deep emotion. Differing opinions on helping the homeless… I wonder what people think of the line … “All that you accomplish by giving them handouts is that you create a dependence, you encourage them. You teach them that begging is the answer” … could serve as a good debate. I however love the conclusion, a perfect ending to a prejudiced speech.

I do not own this work and all rights remain with the author of this piece.

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Review – Swimming in Clouds by David Burton

I love a collection of short stories, espcially a collection as diverse as this, each new tale a surprise from the last. In today’s busy world full of distractions from work and family, its a simple pleasure to read a story in full. Short stories give you this pleasure.

Fill the coffee pot and choose a story from this collection, just take a short break…. You won’t be dissapointed.

This collection of short stories is free to download from Amazon currently.

I like the way we are kept guessing until the end of the first story. The story glides through two sisters relationship, both desperate to rebuild it but hidden obstacles in their way. It doesn’t give much away, but the whole picture is painted beautifully between their feelings and love for one another, I especially like the medium Ellie tries to reach her sister through, something we writers can relate to…

The second short story full of vibrant descriptives illuminates a child’s innocence and is a lovely humourous account of honesty, I especially liked the way this story was written. There is a magic in how children’s honesty can open up a person and teach other adults a thing or two about connecting. Its nice to see the characters develop and open up because of this. Please check it out, there are only a few pages and it will only take you a short coffee break.

The third story is a real thought jerker, there are so many directions you could take from it depending on personal circumstances, it’s nice to have things left up to your own imagination, to have to read between the lines and try to make sense of the goings on.

I dont want to give too much away so I urge you download this book to your kindle or kindle app on your device/laptop …  and let me know what you think and which your favourites were… My favourite – ‘Giraffe Spots’, a close second is ‘Cold’

David Burton is definitely an author to keep an eye on….

Please note I did not write this collection of short stories and all rights remain with David Burton the Author… I simply enjoyed, reviewed & shared the brilliance.

Following on my Native American Research


images (1)I am absolutely sickened by the evidence stacked against the first ‘discoverers’ and those which enforced the laws further… reading up on the planned smallpox outbreak, the abuse of the tribes, the specific laws passed to remove ‘Red Indians’. Honestly if your interested look up Las Pacas one of the documenters that actually sailed with Columbus and then further down the line, read up on Trail of tears and the Cherokee Rose…. Truly heart breaking stuff!!!

What I cannot get my head around is how hypocritical America (the governing bodies) are, the hassle with visas,  their brutal border control and the need for a green card. Surely America are one of the tightest countries for immigration control, at least in the western world. They may be second in (numbers) allowing immigration, but their numbers are stil just half of Europe’s, and their deportation rate especially of Mexicans is very high…

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Review… Phippery – A red rose, for every day in February.


Emotional Excellence

First of all, when you search for this writer his tagline reads, ‘How to write novels slowly, with wine.’ I’m pretty sure the majority of writers will relate to this and snort a small giggle. The writers – buyers of wines, coffees & whisky’s, its no wonder we are all broke.

I urge all of you to read this short story, it is very short and the pace of it is so fast you reach the end and want to read it all over again. Such a build up, the emotion conveyed in this piece is pretty epic and now I’m even more excited for the new novel – ‘The Patrick Experiment’. This writer Phippery clearly has a great gift for dialogue being that the short story is all one man’s speech. I felt like I was rising in a glass elevator the whole time, building up this story of  regret and missed chances, and then boom it just drops you from a great height. Crashing down in the last few lines and it’s over.

This is really one to make you value what you have and never take anything for granted…. Heart breaking! Great stuff Paul Phipps.


Please note I did not write this story, i simply appreciated, reviewed and shared… All rights remain with Paul Phipps…