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ūüďß Please email us your short stories and novels to review.

The Best Slice of Pie wants you!!!

Competition Time…

The Best Slice of Pie’s first publication calls to all new writers and those trying to establish a foot hole in the writing world. We are a new blog and you are a new writer, lets help each other and make some noise.

We hope you like our newly designed logo and welcome you to the competition. If you have previously been reviewed by us or you liked the post on twitter before the deadline please email us for your free entry voucher.
We are looking for Short Stories & Poetry around the theme – ‘Dystopian Nightmare’.
Send your entries to before March 31st 2015 to be considered.
The Winners will be announced on May 31st 2015.
There are also a few spaces available for under 17 entrants so young writers are welcomed too, just make sure you understand the theme well.
¬†We don’t like to charge for competitions, However the costs involved with making this publication mean we ask for a ¬£1.00 entry/donation (paid via paypal). This will cover costs of prizes & time spent creating the publication. We believe this amount is affordable for all and not too much to ask being a new review team. If the price is honestly not affordable for you, depending on number of entrants your work may be considered.
There will be other ways to obtain a free voucher for entry so keep your eyes peeled on twitter & the blog!!
We will also continue to review works and promote the authors for free for as long as this blog continues!!
If there are any designers out there who would like to design the cover for us, please send ideas to Your name will be printed in recognition of cover design and we will promote your portfolio for you periodically throughout the year.
See Below for Guidelines and Prizes!!!!
Lets talk … Prizes
    • 1st Place – Will take First printing place in the publication. They¬†Will also receive a ¬£10.00 Amazon Voucher and a¬†free entry voucher for all Future Competitions regardless of how popular the blog becomes!
    • 2nd Place – Will be published second in the book. They will also receive a ¬£5.00 Amazon Voucher and will receive¬†free entry voucher for all Future Competitions.
    • 3rd Place – Will be published third in the book & receive¬†a¬†free entry voucher for all Future Competitions.¬†
    • The Winner of the Under 17’s Category will also receive a ¬£5.00 Amazon Voucher.

There may¬†also be a few surprise prizes along the way depending on number of entrants and donations, and all under 17’s receive free entry for future competitions.


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